The program

Quebec - self Employed

Discover the criteria to qualify for this program.

Selection Criteria


  • You must prove that you have at least two years of experience as a self-employed person.

Personal Assets

  • You must have personal or couple assets (real estate, shares, cash…) greater than CAD 100,000.



Drafting of the business plan

Funding process

Immigration process

Development consulting

Coworking space

Professional network

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We are entrepreneurs based in Canada

for over 10 years

The Conexa team is made up of entrepreneurs who have participated in various economic immigration programs to Canada. Lawyers, immigration specialists, serial entrepreneurs, consultants, we’ve all went through these sometimes long and complex processes, and that’s why we’ve decided to share our experience by offering complete and tailor-made support to entrepreneurs around the world who wish to come to Canada.

100% success rate

Since its creation, 100% of the projects presented to the Ministry of Immigration by Conexa have been validated.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance of success when they arrive.

An entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to analyze a business plan, build a strategy and support entrepreneurs

An optimized process

Between the 1st meeting and the submission of the file, we only take 4 weeks to analyze the files, strengthen the project and collect the documents.

Program process

Self-employed workers in Quebec

  • A. Signature of the agreement. Our legal team will look into your case to present it according to the highest standards of government authorities.
  • B. Preparation of your application file and submission to the Quebec immigration authorities (MIFI).
  • C. Issuance of the file number. Immigration authorities will review your case and assign a case number.
  • D. Selection interview and/or eventual trip to Quebec. It is possible that the MIFI will call you for a face-to-face or online selection interview. If this is the case, your lawyer will accompany you in the preparation and during this interview with an immigration officer. You will discuss this possibility with your immigration lawyer.
  • E. Decision. After examination, the immigration officer will make his decision to accept or refuse the file. He can also opt to request additional documents to clarify certain elements. Your immigration lawyer will accompany you and ensure that the requested documents are provided within the prescribed time. In the event of a refusal, your lawyer will analyze the reasons that led to this decision as well as the possibilities of filing an application for administrative review at no additional cost.
  • F. Issuance of the C.S.Q. After acceptance, the government du Québec, will issue a CSQ (Québec Selection Certificate), which means that it accepts your application for permanent selection.
  • G.Submitting the application for Canadian permanent residence to IRCC. Your lawyer will then use this CSQ to prepare and submit your application for Canadian permanent residence and your work permit if you wish to settle in Quebec while it is being processed. Your lawyer will continue to be your legal representative during this last step with the federal immigration authorities (IRCC).
  • H. Issuance of permanent residence: You and your family members are now Canadian permanent residents. This status is renewable every five (5) years if you remain in Canada for at least 730 days during those five (5) years. You can also apply for citizenship if you stay at least three (3) years out of these five (5) years and thus obtain a Canadian passport.