The program

Canada C12 visa for subsidiary creation

Discover the criteria to qualify for this program.

Selection Criteria

A parent company

  • You must incorporate your business in Canada to create a subsidiary of your parent company.
  • Your parent company must have been in good financial health for at least two years.
  • Your business must have an economic interest in settling in Canada.

Personal track record

  • You must have been employed by this same company for at least one year
  • You must be receiving a salary or dividends (if you are one of the founders) and have been for at least 1 year
  • You must be a key employee of the company.



Business Plan preparation

Funding process

Immigration process

Development Consulting

Coworking space

Professional network

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We are contractors based in Canada

for more than 10 years

The Conexa team is made up of entrepreneurs who have participated in various economic immigration programs to Canada. Lawyers, immigration specialists, serial entrepreneurs, consultants, we have all gone through these sometimes long and complex processes and that is why we have decided to share our experiences and offer comprehensive and tailor-made support to entrepreneurs around the world who wish to come and settle in Canada.

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100% success rate

Since its creation, 100% of the projects presented to the Ministry of Immigration by Conexa have been validated.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance to succeed when they arrive.

An entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to analyze a business plan, build a strategy and accompany entrepreneurs.

An optimized process

Between the first appointment and the submission of the file, we take only 4 weeks to analyze the files, strengthen the project and gather the documents.

Develop your subsidiary in Canada

Program Process

  • A. Signature of the agreement. Our legal team will look into your case to present it according to the highest standards of government authorities.
  • B. Adapt and work on your subsidiary’s business plan. The first step we are working on together is to develop your business plan and adapt it to the prerequisites and guidelines of the local market and immigration authorities. This adapted business plan will be used in your work permit application, as well as to guide you in the creation of your subsidiary.
  • C. Register your company. Our legal team will make sure you register your business and create your Canadian subsidiary.
  • D. Gathering of documents and presentation of the application to the Federal immigration authorities (IRCC). You should work with Conexa immigration lawyers to provide an extensive list of documents. They will be your legal representative in order to obtain the work permit.
  • E. The review of your file by the authorities. Immigration authorities will review your file and assign a file number.
  • F. Decision. After review, the immigration officer will accept your file as is or ask for clarification. In this case, Conexa’s legal team will help answer questions to ensure the case is accepted. The immigration officer can also refuse the file. In this case, if Conexa’s legal department finds that IRCC has not met its obligations, an analysis of the refusal will be done to determine the options to be considered at no additional cost.
  • G. Implementation of commercial projects. You land in Canada with a temporary status (work permit). Depending on the concierge services selected, Conexa provides your office space and support, as well as personal assistance and advice. When you arrive in Canada, we will help you if necessary to find temporary accommodation, schools for your children, suggestions and recommendations of all kinds. From a business perspective, you can now have access to your office in the historic city centre of Montreal, as well as assistance with financing, coaching, networking, business development, etc.