Why Quebec?

There are many good reasons for choosing to live and do business in Quebec. Being well informed will allow you to make the right decision. Your immigration and business plans will rest on a surer footing as a result.

Doing business in Quebec

To business people eager to explore new horizons, Quebec offers a diversified, dynamic, modern and outward-looking economy, a highly skilled labour force, competitive operating costs and an advantageous corporate tax system. 

Living in Quebec

Do you plan to immigrate to Quebec? Be sure to find out about the values of Quebec society, since you will have to share them and integrate them into your daily life.

Find out about all aspects of life in Quebec by consulting the section Living in Quebec and share this information with the family members who will be accompanying you.

More about Quebec

Learning About Quebec – Your Guide to Successful Integration. The Ministere has created a practical, easy to consult online guide that presents all of the information you need on life in Quebec and how to integrate into Quebec society.

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Montreal City.

Investing in Montreal gives you access to a pool of talent that’s fed by a world-class education system. In addition to its more than 200,000 university students, the region is home to 277,000 workers in fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, 136,000 in creation and 341,000 in management and administration positions.

Direct, unparalleled access to world markets

Strategically located in northeastern North America, Greater Montreal is an intermodal transportation hub (air, marine, road and rail). Companies in the region can easily access huge markets in over 50 countries, home to almost 1.5 billion consumers.

  • 90 minutes by air to Boston and New York
  • 3 airports: 20.3 million passengers welcomed at Montréal-Trudeau (2019)
  • YUL is the most international Canadian airport with direct flights to more than 150 destinations
  • 2nd largest port in Canada: 39 million tonnes of cargo (2019)
  • Rail infrastructure at the heart of the Canada, United States and Mexico network

More about Montreal

To learn more about Montreal, visit the montrealinternational.com website and check out information about key sectors, investing, work, education and international organizations which will help you understand why it’s so great.

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