You want to immigrate to Canada to create your own job as a self-employed professional or freelancer?

You want to checkyour eligibility

There are many immigration and expansion programs. These few questions (<5min) will allow us to determine which one is suitable to bring your project to Canada quickly.

Compatible Programs

Québec Self-employed program

Specially created for Quebec, this program is dedicated to freelancers who have their own companies.

>95% success rate

Since its inception, more than 95% of projects presented to the Immigration Department by Conexa have been validated.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance of success when they arrive.

An entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to analyze a business plan, build a strategy and support entrepreneurs

An optimized process

Between the 1st meeting and the submission of the file, we only take 4 weeks to analyze the files, strengthen the project and collect the documents.



Service offer with incubation

Funding process

Immigration process

Innovation consulting

Coworking space

Professional network

Welcome to canada. We’ll bridge you in.

An economic power house

Canada welcomes a huge economic ecosystem: world-renowned AI and IT clusters, generous public support, a wide range of investors and easy access to the North America market.

A world-renowned stability

Canada is one of the most stable and resilient countries in the world, on every dimension (economic, social, political, geographic). As a result, it welcomes every year 400,000 new immigrants.

A haven for individuals and families

Canada is renowned for its openness to newcomers: diversity is celebrated, difference is accepted, and the resulting melting pot is proudly seen as one of the pillar of Canadian culture.

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