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We are entrepreneurs based in Canada for over 10 years

The Conexa team is made up of entrepreneurs who have participated in various economic immigration programs to Canada. Lawyers, immigration specialists, serial entrepreneurs, consultants, we’ve all went through these sometimes long and complex processes, and that’s why we’ve decided to share our experience by offering complete and tailor-made support to entrepreneurs around the world who wish to come to Canada.

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>95% success rate

Since its inception, more than 95% of projects presented to the Immigration Department by Conexa have been validated.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance of success when they arrive.

An entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to analyze a business plan, build a strategy and support entrepreneurs

An optimized process

Between the 1st meeting and the submission of the file, we only take 4 weeks to analyze the files, strengthen the project and collect the documents.

Startup Visa Program in Canada.

Our services


We will prepare the service offer needed to apply to the program in cooperation with our incubation partners, specialized incubators all over Canada, dedicated to immigrant entrepreneurs.


We will do all the required research, analysis and representation you need, including loan applications to financial institutions and assistance on available grants from the institutional and private sectors.


Our immigration lawyers will prepare and overlook your immigration process, with a specific focus on the requirements of the Canadian Startup Visa Program.

Coaching and counselling

You will have direct access to our experienced entrepreneurs, who will coach you and follow-up to implement your business plan as you transition your business to Canada.


We will connect you with educational resources to build up your skillset for doing business in Canada, including topics such as marketing, legal and accounting.


From suppliers to potential clients, you will be covered thanks to our trusted local ecosystem including human resources, legal, financial, strategic and accounting advise for your business. Our team’s collective network will ensure your business is off to the best start.

Welcome to Canada. We’ll bridge you in.

A world of immigrants

In the last few years, Canada welcomed 300,000 new residents each year. And in the coming years, the plan is to upscale to 400,000 each year. Canada recognizes the need for immigrants, and the fact that this country is made of a melting pot of people from diverse origins

Startup ecosystem

Canada welcomes a huge startup ecosystem: a world-renowned AI cluster, specialized incubators, public support, a wide range of investors and easy access to the North America market.

Low cost of living

It costs less, on average, to operate a business in Canada than in the United States, without even counting the very attractive incentives that are available.

Canada Startup Visa ProgramImmigration process

  • A. Signature of agreement
  • B. Counselling and guidance on your business plan. At this stage, our objective is to look at your business plan together and to adapt it to the Canadian market as well as to the requirements of the different stakeholders of the startup visa program.
  • C. Selection of your Canadian business incubator and submission of your application. We work with incubators across Canada. According to your criteria, we will determine with you the incubator best suited to meet your needs and then submit your application in accordance with the requirements of each of them.
  • D. Issuance of the letter of support and submission of work permit and permanent residence application. The chosen incubator will assess your business project and may issue a letter of support. Upon receipt, our legal team will complete your work permit and permanent residence application and will act as your legal representative in order to supervise each step of the immigration process.
  • E. Issuance of your work permit. This temporary status allows you to come to Canada and start the implementation of your business project with your business incubator.
  • F. Issuance of your permanent residence. This permanent status is renewable every five years and allows you to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years residing in Canada.