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Le programme entrepreneur volet 1 du Québec est un programme dédié pour les créateurs d’entreprise, de tout âges, qui souhaitent s’installer au Canada et y développer leur projet Innovant.

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We are entrepreneurs based in Canada for over 10 years

The Conexa team is made up of entrepreneurs who have participated in various economic immigration programs to Canada. Lawyers, immigration specialists, serial entrepreneurs, consultants, we’ve all went through these sometimes long and complex processes, and that’s why we’ve decided to share our experience by offering complete and tailor-made support to entrepreneurs around the world who wish to come to Canada.

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100% success rate

Since its inception, 100% of projects presented to the Immigration Department by Conexa have been validated.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance of success when they arrive.

An entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to analyze a business plan, build a strategy and support entrepreneurs

An optimized process

Between the 1st meeting and the submission of the file, we only take 4 weeks to analyze the files, strengthen the project and collect the documents.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program Stream 1 in Montreal.

Our services

Service offer

We will prepare the service offer needed to apply to the program in cooperation with our sister-company, BrigdeMTL, a Montreal-based incubator specialized in immigrant entrepreneurs.BridgeMTL Incubator.


We will do all the required research, analysis and representation you need, including loan applications to financial institutions and assistance on available grants from the institutional and private sectors.


Our immigration lawyers will prepare and overlook your immigration process, with a specific focus on the requirements of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program Stream 1.

Coaching and counselling

You will have direct access to our experienced entrepreneurs, who will coach you and follow-up to implement your business plan as you transition your business to Montreal.

Educational resources

We will connect you with educational resources from the Quebec Entrepreneur School to build up your skillset for doing business in Quebec, including topics such as marketing, legal and accounting.

Professional network

From suppliers to potential clients, you will be covered thanks to our trusted local ecosystem including human resources, legal, financial, strategic and accounting advise for your business. Our team’s collective network will ensure your business is off to the best start.


Being part of the Conexa family grants you access to our co-working space, located in the heart Montreal’s Old Port.

Investment opportunities

We will explore and present back to you interesting business opportunities, in addition to assisting you in the selection, purchase and/or investment process.

Welcome to Canada. We’ll bridge you in.

Top student city in North America

Each year, some 185,000 students – including 25,000 international students from 150 countries – call Montréal home. Students make up an active part of Montréal’s population – first in line at cultural events, biking the city’s myriad cycle path system and grabbing some quiet study time in cafés.

Startup ecosystem

Montreal welcomes a huge startup ecosystem: a world-renowned AI cluster, specialized incubators, public support, a wide range of investors and easy access to the North America market.

Low cost of living

It costs less, on average, to operate a business in Greater Montréal than in any other large metropolitan region in Canada and the United States, without even counting the very attractive incentives that are available.

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Entrepreneur ProgramStream 1 process

  • A. Signature of agreement
  • B. Adapt your business plan. The first step we work on together is to take your business plan and adapt it to the local market and immigration authorities’ prerequisites and guidelines. This adapted business plan will be used in your immigration file request, as well as in your application to the BridgeMTL Incubator.
  • C. Validate your project. The BridgeMTL Incubator has set up a Selection Committee made up of experts and seasoned entrepreneurs to validate your project and ensure that your business plan meets the high standards of the Ministry of Immigration (MIFI). This committee will work with you and make recommendations that must be observed and followed before obtaining the approval of the latter and proceeding to the next step, the immigration application supervised by our legal department
  • D. Documentation gathering and application submission to Quebec Immigration Authorities (“MIFI”). At this point, you have a viable business plan, it now time to focus on the rest of your immigration application. Conexa’s immigration legal team will complete it and will need your collaboration to fill gaps in the information requested from the immigration authorities. In parallel, BridgeMTL Incubator will fill an official Service Offer, required in the application.
  • E. Review by authorities. The immigration authorities will review your file and allocate a file number.
  • F. Selection interview and/or prospective trip in Quebec. You may be convened to assist a selection interview in Montreal assisted by the lawyer at Conexa. You can also visit Montreal/Quebec to explore the local market at any moment during the process, all supervised by Conexa.
  • G. Decision. Upon review, the immigration agent will either accept your file as is or ask for clarifications. In such case, the Conexa legal will assist in answering questions to assure the file is accepted. The immigration agent may also refuse the file. In that case, if the Conexa legal department believes that the MIFI has failed to meet its obligations, an administrative appeal will be submitted to overturn the outcome at no additional fees.
  • H. Certificat de Sélection (C.S.Q.) issuance and permanent residence application C.S.Q. issuance and permanent residence application. As soon as your CSQ is issued, the Conexa legal team will submit his/her PR application to federal authorities as well as his/her work permit if desired. The Quebec government, upon acceptance, will issue a CSQ (Certificat de selection du Québec), which means they accept your file, and your file is forwarded to the Canadian government (IRCC) for permanent residence and work permit if required.
  • I. Visa for visit. If a visa is necessary for a visit to Montreal, the Conexa legal team will apply for the visitor visa for you, at no extra cost. If you wish to come to Montreal to work, they can also request a work visa, also at no extra fee.
  • J. Business project implementation. When you arrive in Quebec, all services of the BridgeMTL Incubator start being delivered. From a personal perspective, we will help you as needed to find a temporary or permanent home, schools for your children, suggestions and recommendations of all sorts. From a business perspective, you now have access to your office in the historic center of the city of Montreal, as well as help with financing, coaching, networking, business development, etc.
  • K. One year of access to various business professionals. For the next 12 months, you will go through the Incubation program. Our team will allocate all its resources to make sure your business plan is converted into reality. In parallel, Conexa’s legal team will request your Permanent Residency with the Canadian immigration authorities.
  • L. Conexa Alumni. You can decide to stay within Conexa or start operating on its own.