The self-employed / freelance program

Who is the self-employed program for?

The Self-Employment Program is a program that allows anyone who works as a freelancer to immigrate to Canada by showcasing their skills and know-how. The objective is to allow qualified people to come, practice their trade and live in Canada.

What are the benefits?

This program allows you to obtain your Québec Selection Certificate directly and then apply for permanent residence. As soon as you have obtained your Québec Selection Certificate, you can apply for a work permit, and then quickly come to Québec to start your business.

Obtaining immigration documents also allows you to bring your family (spouse and children).

What are the conditions?

To join the self-employed worker program, you must meet two main criteria.

  • The first is financial, since it is necessary to have a personal net worth of more than CAD 100,000 and to invest a minimum of CAD 25,000 in your project.
  • The second is related to your experience: you must prove that you have two years of experience as a self-employed worker. These two years do not have to be continuous, it is the accumulation of experience as a self-employed person that counts.

What is the difference with a work/holiday permit?

Unlike a traditional work permit, it is a program leading directly to permanent residence. So, if your goal is to settle permanently in Canada and working on your own as a freelancer, this option is more secure, faster and tailored to your profile.

There is less uncertainty, because this program allows you to come directly to start your own business on your own without having to find and be dependent on an employer here.

Who can help me with my immigration application?

It is generally recommended that you use an immigration lawyer based in Canada to make it easier for you to talk with the Ministry and to submit your files more easily.

In addition, an immigration lawyer will be able to quickly check whether you meet the Ministry’s criteria and will confirm the potential of your application.

Why Conexa?

We created Conexa to help foreign entrepreneurs come to Canada. We are a team of entrepreneurs (some of whom are immigrants) and immigration lawyers. We felt that entrepreneurs, with their specific needs, both personal and professional, were not yet being properly supported. We now support entrepreneurs from all over the world, and we love being surrounded by projects and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds on a daily basis .

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them, just write to us at the email address that appears on the screen.

Good luck with your research, and we hope to see you soon in Canada!